[Local News] Grand Bay: 30 Year Old Hotel Employee Jonathan Bert Arrested For Rape

Jonathan Bert, 30, a hotel employee, was arrested by the Grand Bay police. He is suspected of sexually assaulting a girl of 18. A provisional charge of rape and sodomy was lodged against him. He remains in police cell.

Kelly (pseudonym) never thought that her day will turn into a nightmare. After a day at the beach, the teenager’s friends dropped her a few meters from her house. Jonathan Bert then offered to accompany her till her house. But Jonathan took the Orchid Avenue instead in Grand Bay that leads to a wasteland where he allegedly sexually assaulted the girl.

Tourists fortunately came in time to rescue Kelly before accompanying her to the Grand Bay police station to record a statement. She told investigators that she was going home when a man offered to accompany him. “Il m’a dit qu’il me connaît et qu’il sait où j’habite, mais il m’a conduit dans un terrain boisé et a abusé de moi,” she told investigators. She insists that she was not consenting for the act. Police suspect that the victim was under the influence of illegal drugs at that time and was admitted to the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses.

The girl was placed in a ‘Shelter’ since childhood. After reaching the age of 18 on July 31 she left the institution and lives with her sister in Grand Bay.

Jonathan Bert confessed to having sexual intercourse with the girl during questioning. In his statement to the police station of Grand Bay, he told investigators that the girl was consenting. Jonathan Bert has hired a lawyer for his defense. He appeared in Pamplemousses court where a provisional charge of rape and sodomy was lodged against him. The police objected to his release on bail and remains in police cell.

The survey is conducted by the chief inspector Geerdharry and his team under the supervision of the assistant commissioner Domah, Divisional Commander Northern.