[Local News] Rose Hill: Pothan Vencatasamy, A Fugitive Arrested On The Roof Of A Building After Escaping

Pothan Vencatasamy was captured after escaping from Rose Hill police station last Wednesday while he was under arrest. It is on the roof of a two-storey building that the police arrested him.

The painter aged 41 who was suspected of being involved in a robbery case gave a headache to the police officers before being arrested last Wednesday. Pothan Vencatasamy, an inhabitant of Quatre-Bornes, was brought before the Rose Hill Court on Thursday where two provisional charges of “Escape from legal custody” and ” Attempt at larceny on public road” were filed against him. The police objected to his release on paroleand was sent back to police cell.

The escape
After taking his testimony and the fingerprint sampling of Pothan Vencatasamy, a police officer accompanied him to the toilet block to remove ink stains on his hands.

The suspect then told the police officer that he had an urge. The officer accompanied Pothan Vencatasamy to the toilet but instead of closing the door the latter gave a kick at the door knocking the policeman down. Pothan Vencatasamy escaped through the transom of the toilet. The officer alerted his colleagues and they conducted a search in the vicinity of the police station but there was no trace of the suspect.

A ” Special Team ‘made up of detectives from the Criminal Investigation Team (CID) of Rose Hill, the CID of Quatre-Bornes and the Dog Unit was deployed to find the fugitive. Following an information received, the inspector Bhowany and his team from the police station of Rose Hill and sergeant Appi and his team from the CID of Quatre-Bornes went to Orchid Avenue at Sodnac, Quatre-Bornes.

The arrest
Seeing the police, Pothan Vencatasamy tried to escape once again. He jumped over the walls before disappearing. Police officers lost track of him at first, but a second search in the region helped locate the fugitive. He was on the roof of a two storey building. The officers then climbed the building and arrested him. Pothan Vencatasamy resisted and fought with the police officers who were finally able to subdue him.

During questioning by inspector Pirbacosse and his team of CID of Rose Hill under the supervision of the Superintendent of Police assistant Thug, Pothan Vencatasamy confessed to the charges against him.