[Local News] A Gynecologist Accused Of Having Made Ameera Haujee Abort Without Her Knowledge

A couple filmed an interview with a gynecologist with a hidden camera. The couple got a prescription of an abortion pill to women, but they wanted to keep the child.

She blames her gynecologist, Dr. Abdool Boodhoo Yusuf, for having prescribed Cytotec pill and an injection willfully interrupting her pregnancy without her knowledge. Ameera Haujee, a resident of Plaine-Verte aged 34, said to be in possession of a video incriminating the doctor. She filed a complaint against the gynecologist at the police station of Plaine-Verte on Friday, August 12 and waits for an appointment with the IT department of the police to file the video recording for analysis. The woman argues that at no time has she asked the gynecologist to have an abortion.

The mother of a three year old child from a previous marriage, Ameera decided to rebuild her life on August 22, 2015. She married Abdool Haujee Hafiz, a trader of 44 years old. At a time, she noticed that she had not had her menstruation cycle for three weeks. She thus went to the consulting room of Dr. Boodhoo at the street Cité Laval in Plaine-Verte on Thursday 4 August.

“Après avoir appris que j’étais enceinte, j’ai dit au Dr Boodhoo que je souhaitais garder l’enfant. Il m’a proposé une injection à la hanche pour mener à terme ma grossesse. J’ai accepté et il m’a prescrit du Cytotec. Li finn dir mwa bwar kat konprime par zour ek introdir de dan mo parti intim,” says Ameera. But after following to the letter the medical instructions, the young woman begins to experience excruciating pain in the abdomen.

Blood clot
On Monday, August 8, accompanied by her husband, Ameera went back to see the gynecologist around 10 PM. An ultrasound was made on the woman and after analyzing the result, the doctor announces she miscarried the fetus of six weeks that turned into blood clot. “Dokter-la dir mwa mo bizin fer kirtaz pli vit posib dan klinik ek li pou kout Rs 40 000. Mo mari ek mwa dir nou pena mwayen ek fer nou gagn enn papie pou amenn mwa lopital. Li refize ek dir ki lopital pa pou gagn bon tretman.”

Having failed to meet the amount requested and the gynecologist has not provided adequate care, the couple decided to return to the doctor with a hidden camera this time. “Mo finn panse ki dokter fer sa intansionelman pou kapav tir kas avek nou dan klinik. Samem mo finn anrezistre li,” said Yusuf, the husband of Ameera.

On the video, we can see that the husband and wife reveal to the gynecologist that they never requested an abortion and they wanted to keep the child. For his part, Dr. Boodhoo replied that he had prescribed Cytotec for abortion.

As Ameera health condition deteriorated, her husband went to the police station of Plaine-Verte Thursday, August 11. He denounces the gynecologist, before being taken urgently to the hospital Dr. A. G. Jeetoo, where she underwent curettage. In the days that followed, she was the subject of another surgery. The woman is still admitted in treatment room.

The police of Plaine-Verte has opened an investigation and expects the medical report to decide how to proceed. Investigators will then convene the gynecologist.

Trouble with the Law
Dr. Abdool Yusuf Boodhoo was convicted of manslaughter after Taslimah Baba Saib Bibi, one of his patients, died following a Caesarean section in 2005. He made an appeal to his conviction. He has been released after paying his bail. Since the death of Bibi Taslimah Baba Saib he was suspended from his duties at the hospital, but is doing consultation privately.

Dr. Boodhoo acknowledges having made mistakes
Dr. Boodhoo refutes the allegations of abortion when questioned. However, he admits to having committed some misconduct. He says he was persuaded by his patient to prescribe Cytotec for abortion. According to the gynecologist, the young woman was not pregnant when he made an ultrasound and blood test indicated that there was a ‘weak pregancy’ difficult to detect. “Je laisse le soin à la justice de faire la lumière sur cette affaire. C’est moi qui suis la victime.”