[Local News] A Mauritian Raj Doolun ‘Kidnapped’ In Madagascar

Raj Doolun, a Mauritian living in Madagascar, was the victim of a “kidnapping” since 13 August.

The CEO of the Uditec company was kidnapped as he was leaving his workplace in Madagascar. According to a close source, his family are in contact with the kidnappers.

Raj Doolun is very familiar to Madagascar for his constant to-and-from part of his work. From 2000 to 2005, he worked for Courts company, and since 2014 he holds the position of CEO at the Uditec company, representative of the Samsung brand in Madagascar.

According to the website newsmada.com, the Mauritian was kidnapped as he left his workplace. His kidnappers are demanding a ransom to free him.

The circumstances of the abduction are still unclear so far. Contacted by phone by Radio Plus, members of the Doolun family and the Uditec company did not wish to make a statement at this time.

Insecurity reigns in Madagascar where foreigners are often the target of kidnappers. After the aggression of a Mauritian man and his son in March, the Mauritian foreign ministry asked the responsible party of Madagascan affairs to strengthen security around Mauritians homes.