[Local News] Bribery: A Prison Guard Found Guilty Of Smuggling Items Into La Bastille Prison

A prison guard accepted a bribe of Rs 3000 to smuggle unauthorized items to La Bastille prison. He was found guilty on Tuesday August 16 by the magistrate Azam Neerooa in intermediate court. He will learn his fate on 24 August.

The prison guard, a resident of Rose-Belle, responded to charges of “bribery by public official” and “Permitting prohibited items to be conveyed to a detainee.” The offenses were committed on 28 and 29 January 2014. The accused, represented by Rama Valayden, pleaded guilty.

Blameless career 

During the hearing on Tuesday August 16, three witnesses were called to testify. The prison guard was accused of having smuggled two cell phones, two batteries and SIM cards to an inmate of the prison. The items were produced in Court. The testimony of the accused were also produced at the hearing.

“Je présente mes excuses à la Cour. Je me suis laissé berner par les arguments d’une femme,” said the warder in the dock. He added that this is the first mistake done throughout his career as a prison guard. “Monn rant dan febless madam-la,” he said.

During oral argument, Mr. Rama Valayden asked the Court to take into account that his client pleaded guilty and cooperated with the police. He also pleaded that his client can perform community service instead of serving a prison sentence. The lawyer added that his client will be a witness in the trial of the woman who gave him the bribe.