[Local News] Intermediate Court: Jail Sentence Suspended For Abuse On Minor

A 22 year old mason was sentenced to ten months in jail for having sex with a teenage girl. His sentence was suspended pending a social report to determine if he is fit to perform community service. A decision that was taken on 18 August.

The mason from Phoenix was the subject of a charge of “Causing a child to be sexually abused.” He had sex with a teenage girl on two occasions in September 2012. She was 12 at that time. The man pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

In his statements to the police,the man stated that he met the girl in June 2012. She was a student at a college in Plaines-Wilhems.

According to the accused, the victim told him that she was 16 years old. The couple exchanged messages and called regularly. They met several times in July 2012. The accused admitted to investigators that he had sex with the victim at his home twice, and that the minor was consenting. The young man explained to the police that he would not have had sex with the teen if he knew she was 12 years old. During his testimony in court, the young man apologized and maintained that he was unaware that the teenager was 12 years old.

In his judgment, Judge Wendy Rangan evokes forensic evidence before the court showing that there has been sexual intercourse between the accused and the victim. And the young man admitted to having had sexual relations with the minor. Thus, she found him guilty of sexual abuse of a minor.