[Local News] Quatres Bornes: 23 Year Old Prostitute Nadine Elodie M. Caught In The Act

Police are continuing operations to hunt down prostitutes in the city of flowers. Nadine M. Elodie, 23, was arrested for prostitution. She was caught in the act while offering pleasure to a young man. Known to the police, she was brought before the Rose Hill Court on Tuesday August 16 where a provisional charge of “soliciting male for immoral purpose” has been lodged against her.

In the early hours on Sunday, the sergeant Jagutpal and constable Boodram were patrolling the SSR Avenue in Sodnac when they noticed a car parked in a suspicious place. They approached the vehicle and surprised a couple having a good time. When questioned by the police, Nadine Elodie M. confessed offering her charms against payment. The young woman and her client, a 26 year old inhabitant of Quatre-Bornes, were taken to Sodnac Police Station for questioning.

Nadine M. Elodie then explained that she offered to do a blowjob to the young man against a sum of Rs 300. She was detained before being brought before the Bail and Remand Court on Monday. On Tuesday, she pleaded guilty in Rose-Hill court and was fined Rs 3,000.

Breathalyzer test
As for the young man, he was subjected to a breath test which proved positive. He was also fined “for failing to produce driving license”. After his interrogation, he was allowed to go home. The investigation is conducted by the Police Woman Inspector Appadoo under the supervision of the Superintendent Guckhool.