[Social Experiment] 80 % Mauritian Ladies Reveal Having Oral Sex At Least Once In Their Life

A social experiment was conducted last month on ladies aged between 18 to 25 year old.

They were asked during a social experiment in Curepipe, Rose Hill, Quatres Bornes And Port Louis about oral sex and if they have ever experienced it.

Surprisingly, many of the ladies/couples interviewed responded positively and were open to oral sex with their partner. They added enjoying oral sex and is something that young couples should not miss.

Oram Sex Mauritius

Asked about how often they do it, they revealed trying oral sex at least once in their lives and practice it very often with their partner. Out of 100 ladies/couples interviewed, about 80 percent of them say to have tried it and 20 percent of them refused to give an answer saying it is something intimate or private. We respected their decision.

According to the interviews, we came out with a result and were shocked to know the amount of ladies/couples practicing oral sex in our country… something that many see as controversial. Have you tried oral sex with your partner?

If not, here’s something you should learn before trying it:

Just like having sexual intercourse, it’s a big decision to start having oral sex, and it’s important that you’re ready to start exploring in this way. If someone is trying to convince you to have oral sex with lines like these then stand back and question whether you’re being pressured into it:

  • “It doesn’t mean we’ve had real sex – you’ll still be a virgin.”
  • “If you don’t want sex then you should at least go down on me.”
  • “It’s not as risky as having intercourse.”

However, oral sex can be a good way to discover new pleasures with your partner without having sexual intercourse. So if you’re happy and comfortable with the person you’re with it can be a great way to get physically closer and learn what turns each other on.

Some people find that when they have oral sex for the first time – whether they’re giving it or receiving it – they feel nervous. Remember that everyone is different and it takes a while to work out what makes someone feel good.