[Local News] Brawl In The Street In Port Louis: The Two men Have Been Identified

The two protagonists involved in a fight that occurred on Wednesday, August 17 on the street in Trou-Fanfaron at the northern entrance of Port Louis have been identified.

Joël Thomas, a resident of Beau-Climat, was admitted to the SSRN hospital after suffering arm injuries. His attacker, a resident of L’Aventure is still wanted by the police.

According to a source, the attack is based on a land property.

The whole scene was filmed by a man who witnessed the whole attack.

“Je me rendais sur Port-Louis. J’ai vu un homme descendre d’un 4×4. Il était armé et a menacé un autre homme. Il l’a projeté au sol. S’en sont suivis des coups. Des policiers sont ensuite intervenus,” recalls the man who filmed the scene.

The Inspector Shiva Coothen of Police Press Office said that the arrest of the perpetrator is imminent; adding that the images of CCTV cameras in the area were viewed to determine the identity of the police officer.

Police Commissioner (PC) Mario Nobin told Radio Plus on Wednesday 17 August that he ordered an investigation of the police officer.