[Local News] Flacq: Arrested For Theft Of A Chocolate Worth Rs 20, Culprit Escapes From Toilet

D. F., a 32 year-old resident of Sebastopol, was presented in the court of Flacq on Wednesday, August 17 at 1 PM by the police for his provisional indictment layout after his arrest for the theft of a chocolate worth Rs 20.

At one point, D. F. asked the police for permission to go to the toilet. But once inside, he ran through a transom window.

D. F. was arrested by the police Flacq after he stole the chocolate in a shop.

A minor escapes from Petite Riviere CYC

On Wednesday August 17, a 16-year-old boy escaped from the Correctional Youth Centre (CYC) of Petite-Riviere. He was arrested for robbery.

The police took him to the detention center for minor at Petite Riviere. On arriving there at 5 PM, he asked the permission to go to the toilet. And there he managed to deceive the vigilance of the police and he ran away.