[Local News] Road Safety: A New Radar Model In The Balance

Will the new speed cameras be of a new kind or will they be identical to those already installed? Parliament member Sangeet Fowdar asked the question in Parliament on Wednesday, 17 August. “Les gens ralentissent avant les radars et accélèrent après. On veut des point to point speed cameras,” said the Minister of Public Infrastructure Nando Bodha. “C’est pour cela qu’il faut un audit du système avant de procéder à tout changement.

The Chief Whip Rajesh Bhagwan wanted to know where the speed cameras will be installed. Nando Bodha replied by saying the new radar will not be installed until the audit of the current system is not completed.

Are all the current cameras in operation, asked the deputy Aadil Ameer Meea. “All have been reinstated,” stated the Minister. Adding that the allocation for radars also includes “software license” and calibration of equipment.

MP Reza Uteem wanted to know the name of the company that maintains the radars. Minister’s Response: The company Proguard has been responsible for the radars for the last two years. “Après un nouvel appel d’offres, nous n’avons eu qu’un seul soumissionnaire, Proguard. C’est pour cela qu’il y aura un audit du système avant tout changement,” he reiterated following an inquiry by the member Raffick Sorefan.

Question by deputy Osman Mahomed: “est-ce que les speed camerasfonctionneront pendant cet audit?” The Minister replied with a “yes.”