[Local News] The Brother-In-Law Of Bryan Labonne, Marc Labonne Arrested For Possession Of Drug

Marc Labonne, 40, was arrested by the sleuths of the Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) in the early morning hours of Wednesday.

His house found at the Colonel Maingard street in Barkly was raided. He was carrying eleven bags of heroin valued at Rs 5 000. Armed with a search warrant, the men of the Chief Inspector Jagai landed at his house. Members of the security forces surrounded his house where fifty police officers were mobilized during the operation conducted by the ADSU of the Intervention Group of the Mauritian Police (GIPM), the Special Supporting Unit (SSU) and the Dog Section Unit of the police.

This three-story house was raided in July and the operation led to the arrest of Bryan Labonne, 25, who was charged with money laundering. A sum of about Rs 900,000 was seized. The young man who was in the viewfinder of the anti-drug brigade is suspected of engaging in drug trafficking. During questioning he denied the charges against him. He explained that the money came from horse racing gains .

As for Marc Labonne, the brother of Bryan Labonne, he was brought before the Rose Hill Court where a provisional charge of drug possession was lodged against him. He was renewed in police cell. During questioning by the sleuths of the ADSU he confessed his crime. He explained that this drug was used for consumption.