[ATTENTION] Couple Ripoff People By Saying They Are Out Of Fuel. SHARE!

Couple Asking Money For Fuel 1

A photo of a woman standing by the side of a motorcycle was sent by a user today to make people aware of the scam. Their mode of operation is to ask money to people crossing the road. Please beware and do not stop to give them money. Call the POLICE when you spot them.

Here’s what the user said:

“Ena ene couple ki fine gagne ene nuvo mode pu fer cash. Zot arette zot motocyclette et declare ki lessence in fini et demande cash. Hier mone help zot et zordi mo p rouler mo trouve zot a Pailles. Ti fini aret ene loto pu harnaque zot. Mone aretter mone question boug la. Li rode sauver”

The couple is believed to be performing the scam around the country and unfortunately, many people have been deceived. According to the user, their motorcycle registration number is 4102 Y. They covered the registration plate by an helmet at the rear and a jacket at the front.

The case will be forwarded to the police. We are looking for their names at the moment. Please SHARE so that they do not SCAM your family or friends.