[Exclusive Video] Lallmatie: Woman In White Sari Spotted

After the episode of the werewolf in 1994, two young men say they witnessed a bizarre old woman in white sari walking towards the sugarcane fields. They could not believe their eyes. People in Lallmatie say that the “ghosts” haunt them every night. The phenomenon has started 5 months ago.
Coming to the most recent story, the two young men revealed they were smoking a cigarette in a car when they saw a whitish ‘ghost’ walking in front of them. Kevin, who was in the driver’s seat, was shocked and switched on the headlights of his car to only notice an old lady in white sari walking with a stick towards the sugarcane fields. They instantly took a photo of her:

White Saree Woman

Kevin’s friend Ajay decided to follow the old lady and immediately alerted his friends for support but… the old lady disappeared!

According to our investigation, Kevin and Ajay were still in shock the day after. They sent us the photo above and the one below after they went into the sugarcane fields the next morning; the direction the old lady took:


The same day, a resident of lallmatie sent us a video where a woman in white was spotted.

Watch video: