[Politics] Roshi Bhadain Versus Sanspeur: Whats Next?

To recall, yesterday Roshi Bhadain filed a complaint against the Special Adviser of Pravind Jugnauth at the Central CID. He accuses him of interference in the Heritage City project. However, the statement made animated the MSM camp yesterday. Now everything seems to be going to a thaw in the situation.

In a circle close to the MSM, a meeting was held last night which saw the Prime Minister’s participation, Pravind Jugnauth and Minister Nando Bodha, among others.

The actions of the Minister of finance and good governance were discussed. The Prime Minister tried to calm the spirits as well.

According to a source, Roshi Bhadain will go to the Central Barracks again this afternoon to continue with his testimony after the Council of Ministers. Roshi Bhadain has in a statement promised to return the entire chronology surrounding the Heritage City project until frost yesterday. The cabinet which met this morning are tensed at the moment.