[HELP] Petit Raffray: Chand Maunick Did Not Get Paid From Outdoor Cleaning Services

Prema and Kunal Chand Maunick are facing a real hassle and they need public advice and help. Chand Maunick has been working as a supervisor at Outdoor Cleaning Services for three years and since the last two months, he did not get his salary.

The family has been in the dark for two months and each time they call the chairman Frank Adrian, they are put in the balance again and again. They do not have food at home and their daughter’s school fees are unpaid. Adding to that, Chand’s wife is unemployed as she lost her job a few months ago. They do not know where to turn for advice and help.

Last month, the couple had a meeting with the chairman of the company at the labor office of Goodlands. There, the chairman promised them that half of the salary will be paid on August 5 and the other half on September 5. However, they did not get any money and any call from the labor office as of yet.

Prema said to be embarrassed to ask for food from family and neighbors everyday. Adding to that, their bills are accumulating and unpaid for months. The school fees are unpaid for 3 months and they got a deadline of July 29. The couple is mentally very disturbed and according to the mother, she can’t even give her daughter the food she wants to eat.

We are calling for public advice and help. The family is in distress and living in a deplorable situation for months now without any intervention from the labor office or company.