[Local News] Eau-Coulée: Eight Years Later, Joanne Sharonne Erica Labour Is Struggling To Find Her Son

C’est difficile pour une mère de ne pas savoir si son enfant va bien,” says Joanne Sharonne Erica Labour, a resident of Eau-Coulée. She was acquitted in intermediate court on July 22 after being accused of having abandoned his son the day after his birth in 2008. The woman now wants to get custody of her child.

Three weeks after regaining freedom, “on ne me dit toujours pas où il se trouve,” she says helplessly.

On April 17, 2008, Joanne Sharonne Labour Erica gave birth to a boy. Her partner being unemployed and having regard to their financial situation, she believed that she cannot ensure the future of her son. She decided to abandon the baby in the room of the SSRN hospital the next day. The baby has been taken care by the Child Development Unit (CDU) since then and was placed in the Quatre-Bornes center.

Je lui avais donné du chocolat et des biscuits. Il m’avait regardée tendrement.

Joanne Sharonne Labour Erica, mother of five children, spent more than two years in prison. She later got parole. Plagued by remorse, she said she want to rebuild her family life. But not without his son. “Ses frères et sœurs doivent le connaître. Nous sommes tous impatients de le voir,” she says.

His only memories of him? It was at the Beau-Bassin prison when he was four. “Je lui avais donné du chocolat et des biscuits. Il m’avait regardée tendrement.” A look she will never forget. “Il m’avait appelée maman pour la première fois…,” she said. She saw him during a second visit but it was brief one.

Determined to reunite her family since her acquittal, she have taken steps to get custody of her son. She contacted her lawyer, Me Tania Huët to accelerate things. Her partner and she went to the center where the child is but in vain. They are still waiting for a response from the CDU to their requests.