[Local News] Subeer Basdeo Celebrates His Birthday With The Needy

Subeer Basdeo, president of G.I.V.E, celebrated his birthday on Friday August 19 by distributing food and items to the needy people. For Subeer, humanity comes first. Here are a few snaps he took when distributing food and items to needy people yesterday:

Subeer Basdeo Distributing Food And Item To Needy People

Subeer Basdeo Distributing Food And Item To Needy People 1

When asked about this noble act, Subeer said:

“When I came to this world I came empty handed and will go back likewise. The only difference is I’ll go back by filling the empty stomach of those needy people. Celebrating my birthday with kids and parents in need made my day. That blessing in disguise is worth more than those years of existence. Nothing would have made me happier today than seeing the smile on their face.”

YOU can GIVE too. You can contact Subeer Basdeo on his mobile phone on 57724295. He is opened to talk at any time if it is a matter of helping poor and needy people across the country.

Please open your heart and GIVE. Be generous and donate to the needy people across Mauritius Island.

Alternatively, we’re collecting donations if you can not call or travel and are outside Mauritius. Payment can be made online via PayPal and Credit Card:

(money will be given to Subeer Basdeo for distribution of food and items)