[Local News] The Two Police Bikers Claim That They Saw Nothing

The two police bikers that circulated during the brawl at Trou-Fanfaron in Port Louis on Wednesday has been identified. These officers of the Traffic Branch were questioned by the Central Criminal Investigation Department. They revealed that they saw nothing during the incident. However, a video shows a police motorcyclist that slows down during the time of the incident.

The video in circulation showing two men clash violently, one armed with a sword and a knife, stirs controversy. This case could have gone unnoticed, but the distribution of the video over the net and on the Défi Media Group site has been controversial and prompt reactions. Especially the two bikers passing by at the time of the incident and they did not intervene.

Police Commissioner (PC) Mario Nobin ordered an investigation on both police bikers. Have they fulfilled their role of police and agents of public order? This brawl comes ten days after the presentation of Long Service Medal to 571 police at the central Barracks on 6 August. At the ceremony, CP Nobin reminded that an officer is always on duty and that this attachment to serve that commands respect from citizens.

This case is variously commented in the police force. “Le policier n’aurait pu intervenir. Il aurait pu lui-même recevoir un coup de sabre de l’un des protagonistes. Le policier aussi est un être humain. Nous aussi nous avons des femmes et des enfants, une famille à nourrir… ” says an officer. On his Facebook page, a senior police officer wrote that an officer “n’est pas un super-héros et que l’agent n’est donc pas à blâmer” The role of the police has always sparked debate in Mauritius.

“Si to enn vre polisie, to bizin arete. Certes, le motard n’aurait pu intervenir face à un agresseur armé d’un sabre, mais il était de son devoir de s’arrêter et de se présenter aux deux individus pour les exhorter à arrêter de se battre. Puis, il aurait appelé l’Information Room pour demander du renfort,” recounts a sergeant of the force.