[Video] Julien Latchimy Has been Buried. The Family Wants To Shed Light On His Death

Julien Latchimy, Tamil priest better known as Tiloute, was buried on Thursday night August 18. But many questions remain unanswered for his close relatives.

Tiloute’s body was repatriated to Mauritius at the end of last week.
Tiloute, Tamil priest, 39, succumbed to injuries he had inflicted in a suicide attempt, having just killed his partner on 19 July.
He had been admitted to the intensive care unit in a hospital in Mauritius.
He died three weeks after the tragedy.

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His family believes that his name has been sullied by all these cases. What has been said and written does not correspond to what we know of Tiloute.
For Master Larifou, the lawyer of the family, we must shed light on the death of Tiloute and that of his partner in Mauritius. He says: “on ne peut pas avec certitude absolue dire que monsieur Latchimy a tué sa fiancée et a voulu se donner la mort … nous attendons avec patience les résultats des autopsies.”