Drama In Triolet: The Uncle Of The Two Victims Testifies The Grisly Scene

“Mo tann mo belser pe krie sap mo bann zenfants,” says Raj Unuth to Teleplus. The uncle of the victims says he unfortunately could not do anything to save his nephew, Adarsh, 17, and his niece, Ayushi, 14.

The two teenagers were killed in a massive fire that broke out in their home in Triolet in the early hours of Sunday 21 August.

“Mo ti pe dormi. Monn tann kouma dir petar pe sonne. Monn tann vite pe eclate. Mo tann mo belser a letaz pe krie sap mo bann zenfants. Bann volonter inn trouve dife, zot inn reussi descend mo belser. Me zot pan kav rant endan parseki ti ena trop bel la flam,” says Raj.

The origin of the fire is unknown for the time being. Firefighters believe the two victims could have been saved if the alert had been given earlier.