[Local News] Brisée-Verdière: Two Small Girls Accuse Their Grandfather Of Sexual Fondling

The two girls are aged two and eight year old respectively. They accuse their respective grandfather of indecent assault. The two suspects who refute these allegations are wanted by the police.

They deny the allegations and one even claims to be victim of a conspiracy by his son. Both men are wanted by the police because they are suspected of molesting their respective granddaughters.

On Tuesday August 16, Pari (*), aged two, accused her paternal grandfather of sexual touching. The mother of the girl was giving her a bath when she found that the girl’s private parts were reddish and she suffering from pain. She interrogated the small girl Pari who revealed to her that her grandfather Sanjay (*), aged 56, has indecently assaulted her. On Thursday, the mother brought her daughter to the Brisée-Verdière police station to record a statement in the presence of officers from the Child Development Unit (CDU).

According to the girl, her grandfather asked her to remain silent after committing his crime. After filing a complaint, Pari was taken to hospital where she was admitted. On Friday, she was examined by a police doctor.

Pari’s father, a young man of 25, does not hide his anger. “J’ai eu le choc de ma vie après avoir appris que mon père est le suspect. Les nounous de ma fille m’ont informé que son comportement avait changé. Mon père a volé l’innocence de ma fille et c’est inexcusable,” he fumed.

The suspect out-rightly denied the allegations against him and claimed his innocence: “Je n’ai jamais commis d’attouchements sur ma petite-fille. Je suis innocent.”

Furthermore, also in the Eastern Region, Lisa (*), eight year old, logged a statement to the police station of Saint-Pierre in the presence of her father on Thursday. She accuses her maternal grandfather of sexual touching. When questioned by officers of the CDU, Lisa, who lives in a suburb of the capital, said that during the holidays she went to her grandfather’s place. The latter then showed her his private parts and had indecently assaulted her.

The girl testified that she confided to her mother. “Ma maman a demandé des explications à mon grand-père mais il a nié les faits. E mo mama finn fini tou lamem,” added Lisa in her testimony. It’s on her way home she recounted her mishap to his father.

Asked for a reaction, the suspect denied the allegations. For him, this is a conspiracy. “Ma fille est une femme battue. J’avais mis le père de Lisa à la porte car il était très violent envers elle et il m’a dit qu’il allait se venger de moi. Il a utilisé sa fille pour m’accuser. C’est un complot et je n’ai jamais attenté à la pudeur de ma petite-fille,” he defends himself.

The two suspects are wanted by the Brisée-Verdière and St Paul police. Police investigations are ongoing.