[Local News] Lawyer Kailash Trilochun Behind The Attack Of ICTA Director Bhanooduth Beeharee?

A significant twist has occurred in the case of the aggression on Bhanooduth Beeharee by cutter, president of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA). The arrest of Sylvio Jacques Désiré Candahoo, a notorious repeat offender, living at the Bernardin de Saint-Pierre street in Cité la Cure on Thursday August 18 led police on the grounds of this bloody attack. The police was able to arrest him through a painstaking task and based on secure and reliable information.

During questioning, the suspect Candahoo was quick to come to a conclusion. The 43 year old man alleged that it is the lawyer Kailash Trilochun who ordered this vicious attack. The goal was to intimidate Bhanooduth Beeharee because of an old story of late fee payment. The Central Criminal Investigation Department did not reveal any information at this time. But according to L’Express, they tried to record the version of Mr. Kailash Trilochun during the day on Saturday but in vain. He is currently abroad. Stay tuned.

This is not the first time that the lawyer is at the heart of a media storm. Indeed, the services of Me Kailash Trilochun at a cost of Rs 19 million in the Emtel vs ICTA trial has sparked controversy. The announcement fee of Kailash Trilochun surprised many, including the Prime Minister who said he was “shocked”.