[People] Reduit: Police Officer Avenges Bus Receiver By Inflicting Him A Contravention

A bus receiver Aftab recently contacted us for an offense ticket he received from a police officer that he rates as unfair. Here’s what he said:

“Ene policier ti monte dan bus individuel a Camp De Masque en uniforme. Mo aprose li pou taye carte mai li guet moi dan zenre. Zordi samem policier la pren moi ene contravention lo Reduit akoz mo la porte bus ouvert.”

The bus receiver said he opened the door at Reduit to pick up passengers at a bus stop. He claims that many of his colleagues have gone through the same treatment.

Aftab is now calling for the authority to know whether a police officer has to pay his bus fare in uniforms because it is a real dilemma for them. If a police officer does get his travel allowance, then why he doesn’t pay his bus fare?

Aftab added: “Eski kit la loi ki dir kan la police en uniform controler pa bzin prend kass r zot? Government bisin donne zot pass bis pu voyage alors.”

What are your views and reactions about this readers?