[Video] Triolet: A Last Farewell To Adarsh And His Sister Ayushi

The emotion was intense on Sunday afternoon August 21 at the funeral of Adarsh and her sister Ayushi Unuth.

Relatives, friends, neighbors and personalities came to say a final farewell to the two teenagers who died in a house fire in Triolet in the early hours of the morning.

The fire broke out in the concrete house occupied by Lekadevi and her two children, Adarsh, 16, and Ayushi, 14 year old since the death of her husband.

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The family was asleep when the fire broke out whose origin is still unknown. The mother was able to escape the blaze. Volunteers tried to save Adarsh, 16, and his sister 14 year old but it was too late. The autopsy concluded that the two teenagers have died of severe burns they suffered.

Triolet police has opened an investigation to establish the circumstances surrounding this tragedy.