Bras-d’Eau: 3.2 Tonnes Of Waste Collected Including An Old Car In One Day

Bras d’Eau is a nature reserve that is home to natural beauty, endemic and … garbage. A cleaning campaign was held at the site on Monday August 22 and more than 500 bags of waste were recovered weighing 3.2 tons, according to organizers.

The initiative for the garbage collection operation returns to two inhabitants of Bras d’Eau, Rebecca and Florence Espitalier-Noel aged 22 and 20 year old respectively. They were outraged by the amount of trash visible on the edges of roads and beaches in the area.

Big Cateau Vert and the kestrel
Among the collected detritus are an old car, bottles and plastic bags, old tires, chairs or cushions. Some wastes such as plastic bottles and used tires were recovered through the Belle Verte company, a social enterprise. The company will transform them into bins, in children’s games and garden decorations.

Besides Belle Verte, the operation was sponsored by groups such as Rogers CSR, Constance Hotels and Resorts and Aqua Swimwear. More than 200 people had volunteered including employees of the Prince Maurice and Veranda Hotels. The purpose of this event was to sensitize people of Bras d’Eau, Poste-Lafayette and other communities of the importance of this natural reserve that is home to endemic treasures like the Big Cateau Vert and the kestrel.