[Controversy] Providence: Man Urinating At Bus Stop Is A Homeless And Mental Person

It is well known that it is not always easy to resist an urgent call of nature. But still, people must manage to relieve themselves in a discreet place of sight and especially, not to expose themselves to criminal penalties. Urinating or defecating in public is punishable under the Penal Code which provides for heavy fines for anyone who is guilty of “gross indecent act in public”

Last Thursday, a man was surprised in action. He was calmly urinating at the bus stop in Providence. A scene that did not fail to interpolate Dhiraj. This man was in a bus and was going to his workplace in Flacq at 10 AM when he saw the man urinating.

Asked about this crime, a Press Office Police officer says: “Nul n’a le droit d’exhiber ses parties intimes en public. Une arrestation n’est pas à écarter dans ce cas,” he said.

We at Viral Mauritius made a cover-up on the image of the man urinating at the bus stop and found out that he is a homeless and metal person.

When traveling around the Quartier Militaire region, the man can be seen walking alone on the side of the road and behave abnormally almost everyday.

So does a mental person urinating in public count as an offence? Your views..