[People] Riviere Du Rempart: Improper Disposal Of Household Trash Is Illegal And Cause Diseases

A man sent us a photo showing how garbage is accumulated on the side of the Maurel road in Riviere Du Rempart and no action is being taken.

People Throw Their Garbage At Maurel Road, Riviere Du Rempart

We are calling for people to convince themselves to stop throwing their litters on the side of the road. It is illegal.

Moreover, improper disposal of household trash can affect wildlife, cause human injury, diseases, drainage, ugly scenario and wastage of land.

Do your part in helping to protect the environment from littering and improper disposal of solid waste! You can accomplish this by:

  • Not overfilling your garbage can
  • Tying up and securing household trash in proper trash bags.
  • Leaving No Trace – (aka “Pack it in, Pack it out”)
  • Bringing garbage can indoors – garage or shed – during severe storms.
  • Picking up litter when you see it.
  • Encouraging others to practice proper waste management.
  • Reporting illegal dumping to local authorities.