[Politics] Kailash Trilochun Risk An Arrest Upon Arrival

Will the lawyer Kailash Trilochun be arrested on his return to Mauritius? Investigators from the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) plan to interrogate him when he get off the plane, scheduled for Saturday August 27. They have already issued a notice of arrest against him upon arrival.

The lawyer went to Cape Town, South Africa on Thursday at 9:40 AM on board flight MK 843 of Air Mauritius. The CCID is very interested in him in the context of the Bhanoodutt Beeharee aggression, Chairman of Board of Directors of Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA).

Kailash Trilochun has been incriminated as the suspected mastermind of the attack. His name has been communicated to the police by Désiré Candahoo, 42, a resident of the Cité la-Cure. According to the statement of the suspect, he reportedly received Rs 10,000 from Mr. Trilochun to commit the assault, a sum that a recidivist from Moka gave him. A provisional charge of assault with premeditation is held against the Kailash. A matter to follow closely..