[Exclusive] St Julien D’Hotman: A 4.5 Meters Long ‘ Greenish Snake’ Found In Reena G.’s House

“Mone soke mone trouve sa longer coulev la.” This is what Reena G., a 36 year old woman residing St Julien D’Hotman, said when we met her.

Green Snake Found In St Julien D'Hotman

Reena G. lives with her two children at St Julien D’hotman. The woman decided to take a bath after preparing diner for her family. But she was not aware of the visitor for tonight’s diner. “Mo mank tombe sek. Mone fini prepare diner ek mone decide pou pren mo bain avan al mange avek ban zenfan kan mone remark ene la corde vert dan sal de bain.”

However, she went perplexed after noticing a 4.5 meter long ‘greenish’ snake trying to ramp away in her bathroom. Reena screamed so loud that tensed neighbors were at her place within minutes to only note the presence of the reptile.

Luckily, one of her neighbors managed to remove the ‘greenish’ reptile out of her house. Rishi said, “Mo meme mone per.. zamai dan mo la vie mone trouve ene coulev couler vert. Blanc mo kone, maron mo kone, noir mo kone mai vert zamai. Ek sasi otan long… ”

The creature quickly disappeared in the grass upon disposal outside the house. Reena’s neighbor added that he faced difficulties to put the ‘greenish’ reptile outside the house as it was very long and thin.