[Local News] Palma: Avinash L. And Family Beaten By 15 Individuals After They Missed Address

The aggressors could not digest the fact that a resident of Palma named Kris* asks them not to let their dogs off the streets. Armed with swords and katanas, these individuals intended to deal with him once and for all. But they were wrong and broke into the house of Kris’s neighbor Avinash L.

On Tuesday Avinash, 28, was preparing himself to take a shower around 10:30 PM when fifteen people disembarked at his place. “Bann-la ti pe krié ‘kot sa rasta la.” The father of three children was beaten. His mother, his wife and children were also attacked. Moreover, his house was turned upside down.

Avinash managed to escape and called for help. “Ils (ses agresseurs, NdlR) se sont concertés et ont affirmé que je n’étais pas la cible et sont repartis,” he said. He suffered multiple lacerations.

For his part, Kris, the neighbor of Avinash says he was driving a motorcycle on Tuesday morning when “I almost hit the dogs on the street in Quatre-Bornes.” He then said to have called the owner of the dogs. “A man came out and we fought. He threatened me with a sword.” It was only later in the evening that he knew that the attackers of Avinash were actually looking for him.