[Video] Mont Roches: Ex-Police Officer Jacques Bathilde Murdered

Jacques Bathilde, a former police officer of 61 years, was found dead at his home in Mont-Roches on Thursday morning August 25. His hands and feet were both tied.

The police favors the thesis of murder at the moment because Jacques Bathilde had wounds to the neck and his Rottweiler was poisoned. The animal regained consciousness later.

Watch video:

An autopsy is expected to be done later in the day.

Jacques Bathilde lived alone with his son. The latter, a security guard, was on duty on the night of Wednesday August 24.

The nephew of Jacques Bathilde, Jean-Luc Bathilde made the gruesome discovery in the company of his father and brother. They went inside Jacques’s house after calling him several times without any answer.

“Je suis monté à l’étage. J’ai découvert mon oncle qui était ligoté au lit. Il était déjà mort. J’ai aussitôt appelé la police et le Samu. La police est arrivée et a vite encerclé les lieux.”

“I went upstairs. I found my uncle who was tied to the bed. He was already dead. I immediately called the police and the ambulance. Police arrived and quickly surrounded the scene,” says Jean-Luc Bathilde on Radio Plus.