[Exclusive] Reduit: A Group Of Students Catch An Amorous Couple In Flagrante

The incident occurred at Reduit around 2:30 PM yesterday August 25. A group of students was returning from class at the UoM and heading towards the bus stop when they noticed a parked car moving.

Curious, one of the students decided to see what was happening and made a photo.

Young Couple Having Sex In Car

The user sent us the photo and said a couple was caught in the act. He witnessed the scene for about 10 seconds before leaving. The group of students then made the security officers aware of the matter.

The user’s question is whether sex in a private car an infraction or not?

To answer his question, we contacted the police and they told us that sex in public places are not allowed including in a private vehicle for safety reasons. It is better for the couple to find a better and suitable place for such acts, they added.