Hazrat Bilal Mosque, Port Louis: Hoosmankhan Neeymathkan Dies During Full Prayer

Each of us knows very well that one day or the other our lives will end. “To Allah we belong and to Him we return.” However, no one knows the day nor the hour of one’s death. The Qur’an reminds us: “And no one knows what he will earn tomorrow, and no one knows in what land he will die” S 31 v 34).

Hoosmankhan Neeymathkan

Hoosmankhan Neeymathkan, 63, was called by his Creator during namaz Assar at Hazrat Bilal mosque in Coton Street in Port Louis. This inhabitant of Abbé des Roulèdes street in Plaine Verte was a regular at the mosque and never missed his daily prayers. Hoosmankhan was a man of Allah service and all those who knew him describe him as a man of many qualities. On Monday 15 August, after taking his bath, dressed in white, he made his ablutions and went towards the mosque which is located just beside his house.

After shaking hands with the faithful ones he came across, he sat in a corner of the mosque looking straight ahead. After his 4 rakaats sunna (units of prayer), he aligned himself for the congregational prayer. In the fourth rakaat Farz, after the greeting to the right, he collapsed on a ‘mussali’ that was next to him. A doctor who was in place pronounced him dead. According to the faithful ones, a smile lit his face.

On hearing the news, Ansaar Meeajane, the deceased’s son-in-law, came to the mosque without losing a second. His father-in-law was lying on his back and his hat still on his head. He was in front of the minbar. At the Neeyamuthkhan family, the 4 girls of the deceased man were in shock. His wife Nooroonnissa could not believe the death of his husband because Hoosmankhan was in perfect health.

Sarah Bibi, Bibi Naseemah, Neezla Bibi and Bibi Ajra were very close to their father. “Nous papa ti couma nous camarade et jamais nous pas fine manque de rien,” says one of them. Ajra, the youngest, said that the day of his death, her father, her sisters and her nephew spent quality time together and he even kicked a ball. Hoosmankhan loved football and his favorite team was Manchester United.

Painter at the Ministry of Education, he was very active socially. “C’était un homme simple et strict mais d’une grande générosité,” suggests another daughter. “Il nous disait tout le temps d’aider au maximum les moins fortunés et de pardonner ceux qui nous causent du tort. Il aimait dire à ses proches de faire de bonnes actions et que cela nous sera utile après notre mort,” says the daughter. Hoosmankhan longed to take his wife perform the hajj. Since he could not realize this desire, his daughters have promised their mother that they shall hear her vow.

Hoosmankhan’s funeral was held the same day in the evening in the presence of a large crowd that came to honor the man who passed away in full prayer at the mosque. The family thanks Neeyamuthkhan relatives, the mussalis from the Hazrat Bilal mosque, neighbors and especially the Al Ihsaan society of brother Shakeel Anarath for quality funeral services. May Allah grant Jannat-ul-Firdaus to the deceased.