[Local News] Jordan Philippe Fined Rs. 50, 000 After He Fatally Struck Rajkumar Chandan Sheoraj

The suspect Jordan Philippe was fined Rs 50,000 by the intermediate court.

In the case of the police officer Rajkumar Chandan Sheoraj who was killed by a 4×4 driven by Jeremy Jordan Philippe Lenon under the influence of alcohol – a fatal accident that occurred in December 2012 – the suspect appeared in court yesterday and was fined Rs 50 000. The court rejected the appeal of the DPP that challenged the penalty initially imposed on the suspect Jeremy Jordan Lenon Phlippe.

On a Sunday in December 2012, the country awoke to the horrifying news that a police motorcyclist aged 30 was killed when a 4×4 driven by Philippe Jordan Jeremy Lenon collided with the officer in Flic en Flac. The latter was trying to overtake another vehicle when he fatally hit the police officer, as well as the official motorcycle of the policeman dragging him to a distance of several meters.

Aged 19, Philippe Jordan was tested positive for alcohol at the time of the accident. He was then admitted to Apollo Bramwell hospital after a “malaise”.

The victim Rajkumar Chandan Sheoraj left behind him a young wife and a young child.