Pailles: Haydair and Muntahima In Distress After Their House Was Completely Devastated By Fire

No words and no sentence will be enough to alleviate the pain of Issory family members who lost everything in a house fire a week ago at Pailles. While they were away from home to visit a sick relative, a violent fire destroyed their house and plunged them into despair. Furniture, eatables, school books and appliances were melted by the heat. When they rushed home, it was unfortunately too late. Firefighters were unable to save anything.

Haydair and Muntahima In Distress

Muntahima, mother of three young children, is overwhelmed. She poured all the tears in her body because she was dreaming of owning her own home all the time. Her husband, Haydair, is self-employed and does odd jobs for a living. Since their home was destroyed, the Issory family live with the mother of Muntahima. Besides, Haydair would like to thank her parents for their hospitality.

However, the space is limited at his mother-in-law’s place. “Zotte déjà serré et pena place pour encore dimoune. Mo belle-mère pe dire nous rester mais banne zenfant pena place,” he said. Haydair borrowed money to build his house and the sweat of his brow has furnished the rooms of the children to give them every comfort. He wants to return to live in his house that was burnt and he thinks a renovation will do the work. But the problem is a lack of money. “Linge mo péna pou metter. Savate ene camarade fine donne moi. Mo éna 3 zenfants ki bizin tout zotte nécessaire. Mo bizin pense mo madame oussi,” he said. “Allah fer ene test avec nous pou guette nous la foi. Mo tourne moi vers Li et sincèrement mo dire le Créateur aide mo famille dans sa difficulté là,” suggested his wife.

On behalf of his family, Haydair launches an aid appeal to his countrymen to help him in this difficult time. “Au nom d’Allah aide moi financièrement et Allah pou récompense zotte. Même les donations de zakaat seront la bienvenue,” he said. The Ministry of Social Security has provided assistance of Rs 22,000 to the family. Those wishing to help can call on 57807515 or 580 57 566. You can also make payments to this account number to the MCB: 000014281120.

Alternatively, if you cannot move or travel we are calling for the help and generosity of Mauritians and even people outside the country to donate online for the Issory family:

You can donate via PayPal and Credit Card below:

(money will be given to the couple at the end of the month)