[Exclusive] Grand Bay: A Dead Cockroach Found In Burger Bought From A Commercial Centre

A young lady had to visit a clinic after swallowing a piece of cockroach in her burger bought from a commercial center in Grand Bay. The incident occurred today August 27 in a food court. After being informed, the local council suggests that appropriate sanitary sanctions could be taken against the fast food chain after investigation.

Cockroach Found In Burger

23 year old Sheila of Cap Malheureux was in the vicinity of Grand Bay and was accompanied by her boyfriend Kevin. Feeling hungry, they both decided to buy food at the nearest fast food chain.

Kevin ordered several items for Rs 285 including a burger. After paying the cashier, the couple headed to the food court to enjoy their meal.

However after two bites, Sheila was flabbergasted on seeing a cockroach in her piece of chicken. The insect was dead. “Mo fiance ine coumance vomi laba mem. Mone bisin pren li amen ene clinique parceki line vomi tou so manger et coumance gagne feb,” said Kevin when met.

The manager of the outlet visited Miss Sheila at the clinic in the afternoon in Grand Bay. The origins of the insect could be probed after prompt investigation, the manager revealed. The local council will independently check the burger and insect.