[Exclusive] Grand Gaube: Mother Beats 2 Year Old Breastfeeding Child For Biting

A 2 year old baby girl was beaten in the face by her own mother after she accidentally bit her during breastfeeding, a source revealed. The incident occurred on Friday August 26 around 4 PM.

Baby Girl Beaten By Mother

Jemima — who is just 2 year old — was left needing more than 5 stitches after the attack at her home in Grand Gaube.

The tiny infant was rushed to the hospital by her parents after she started to bleed heavily. Police were called by the hospital staffs and a case of child abuse was filed against the mother.

Jemima needed at least 5 stitches at 3 different places on her face to stop the bleeding and her health condition is stable now.

It’s not clear if police have detained the mother, who is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation at a private clinic. An investigation has been opened to know the exact circumstances of the incident.

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