[Breaking News] The Lifeless Body Of Aumduth Dookhee Discovered In Solitude

His family had no news of him for several days already. And yesterday, Saturday 27 August, the lifeless body of Aumduth Dookhee, 58, was found at Solitude.

Relatives said the taxi driver was living at 9e mile in Triolet and has not been heard from since the morning of Wednesday August 24. He went for a walk at around 10:45 AM but never returned.

His family repeatedly tried to contact him on his phone but in vain. “So portab ti pe sone dan lazourne mercredi la me li pa pran. Aswar, apre 9 h 30, portab-la inn teign,” says his brother Suren.

Aumduth Dookhee, better known as Suresh, is a father of two sons. Taxi driver for over twenty years, he worked at Victoria Square in Pointe-aux-Biches. “Toulezur nou ti pe al naze gramatin boner,” says a colleague.

An autopsy will be held today on Sunday August 28.