Réunion Island: A Man Attacked By A Shark

A young man was attacked by a shark off the Boucan Canot Beach (west coast of Reunion) in the late Saturday afternoon, severing his right arm and severely biting the right ankle.

The victim aged about twenty years old was in the middle of a group of a dozen surfers when he was attacked. A lifeguard (MNS) has come to the help of the young man on a jet ski and was able to bring him back on the beach.

He was medicalized in place for more than an hour before being evacuated by helicopter to Saint-Denis University Hospital.

The 43 year old lifeguard was injured while rescuing the victim.

The attack occurred in an area protected by anti shark nets, “mais alors que la flamme rouge interdisant la baignade et les activités nautiques était hissée,” said a spokesman of the municipality of Saint-Paul.

“Les MNS ont pris la décision de hisser le drapeau rouge pour interdire la baignade et toutes les activités nautiques” after noting that the swell caused a three meter hole in nets on Saturday morning, added the spokesman.

The post-attack procedure in Reunion Island device sharks risk management has been activated by the prefect Dominique Sorain. “Ce dispositif prévoit la réalisation d’opérations de pêche ciblées aux alentours immédiats du lieu de l’attaque,” said the prefecture.

The southern winter is the period during which the sharks reproduce, making them particularly aggressive.

The shark attack in which the victim was the young man last Saturday is the 19th attack since 2011. Seven of these attacks have been fatal. More than half involve surfers or body-boarders.