[Video] Beaux Songes: The Nephew Of Gérard César Testifies

44 year old artist Gerard Caesar known as the Celloman of Natty Groove group drowned in a pond at Beaux-Songes on Saturday, Aug. 27.
Still in shock, his nephew Zama Westley revealed that Gerard Caesar had to leave for France where his partner lives this Sunday. “Je ne sais pas ce qui s’est passé exactement, mais c’est un malheur qui s’est abattu sur la famille. Il aimait la musique. Il comptait 30 ans dans le domaine musical,” he said.

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It is around 3 PM on Saturday that the police were informed of the disappearance of the inhabitant of Plaisance, Rose Hill.

An hour later, the body of the man was removed from a pond in Beaux Songes by elements of the Mauritian Police Intervention Group.

An autopsy concluded that Gérard César died of asphyxia due to drowning on Sunday.