[Breaking News] Schools And Colleges Closed On Thursday September 1 ?

It is a rare astronomical phenomenon that will be visible in the region. A partial annular eclipse will take place on Thursday September 1, between 12:27 PM and 3:44 PM. Care was taken by the Ministry of Education to warn students of the danger it poses to watch the sun with the naked eye during this eclipse.

However, the president of the Government Teachers Union (GTU) Vinod Seegum is asking the department to close schools on Thursday as a precaution.

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To observe this phenomenon, telescopes equipped with special solar filters will be installed at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre in Bell-Village from 12 h 15-15 h 15. Steps have also been taken by the Mauritius Astronomical Society on the beach in Flic-en -Flac.

This solar eclipse will be visible in Madagascar, Reunion Island and in several regions of central Africa, says the President of the Astronomical Society Mauritius, Ricaud Auckbur: “La dernière éclipse totale dans la région date de 1901. Une éclipse a lieu en moyenne tous les 300 ans au même endroit et deux à trois fois par an dans différentes régions du monde.”

This eclipse will last for three hours and will be at its peak at 14 h 13. The moon will set before the sun, hiding the sun to 92% from Earth. It is not advisable to look at the sun with the naked eye.