[Buzz] Curepipe: Two College Students Fight In An Institution

The fight took place in the vicinity of Curepipe. The brawl has nothing to do with the quarrels of girls where the protagonists are just hair pulling by giving slaps.

In this quarrel between the two students aged 17 you could see a real wrestling match of great intensity. One of the girls bombarded several shots and slaps to her opponent’s face before projecting her on the ground. And that’s not all, she also tried to strangle her before ripping off her blouse.

Two Girls Quarrel In An Institution

After several minutes of intense fight, the two girls were separated by other students of the same institution before police were called. The two students were then taken to the police station to record a statement. One of them had to be hospitalized for medical treatment.

The Curepipe police has opened an investigation to know the circumstances of the quarrel. One of the students who witnessed the scene revealed that the fight was caused due to a matter of a love affair. More to follow..