[Local News] Mahmad Mohidinkhan Paralyzed And Without Pension : “Kouma nou pou vivre?”

It is in a small half concrete dilapidated house consolidated by timber and iron sheets at St. Francis Street in Port-Louis that lives Mahmad Mohidinkhan, 51, with his wife, Aneeza Annur, 49 year old. Their life changed after a motorcycle accident in which Mahmad was involved in June 2014. Since then, he was left paralyzed. His disability pension and “carer’s allowance” have been wrongfully cancelled and since then, sometimes the couple is forced to sleep empty stomach.

Mahmad and Aneeza are married and have two girls of 23 and 26 years old and they were living with ease. The husband worked as a truck driver at that time and made his living honestly. He also did odd “jobs” to supplement his purposes so that his family can live in the best possible conditions. He was indeed, like many fathers, essential to his family.

But everything changed two years ago, on 7 June 2014 to be more precise, when Mahmad had a serious motorcycle accident. “Ca jour ki mo faire accident la, ziska zordi mo pas rappel ki ti arrive moi,” he says. He only remembers that he was leaving for work on motorcycle that day. He lost control of his motorcycle and had a fall that changed his life radically. Seriously wounded, he remained in a coma for nearly two months. When he finally awoke, he shockingly learned the news of his paralysis. Indeed, he had a broken spineand could never walk again. Even his hands are paralyzed. The fact is heavy for his family and it’s a total collapse. After two long months in the hospital, Mahmad could finally reach home. But he was sentenced to be bedridden for the rest of his days. “Banne docteurs et physiothérapeutes l’hôpital là fine dire moi ki pas pou kapave faire nanrien pou moi. Aukaine l’opération pas pou possible,” he says.

A nightmare then followed for the family. His wife, his only real support, remained at his bedside and takes care of him every day. “Mo même ki faire tout pou li, li manger, boire, dormi levé, faire so toilette emplass, lor lili même,” she says. Mahmad’s daughters both live with their grandparents and one of them is divorced whose husband only took advantage of her young age and the situation of her father . “Quand ou bien et ou en forme, ou kapav ranne service, tou dimoune conne ou. Kuma ou tombé, ou pas trouve personne pou lève ou,” he added in tears.

Removed pensions

And since the miseries never come alone, his invalidity pension and his “carer’s allowance” have both been removed and despite medical certificates that were delivered to him by the Ministry of Social security officers. Family expenses and medical care cost enormously, he argues. These pensions were helping them meet their needs which hardly gets to conceal his distress. Since the removal of these pensions, they are struggling to make ends meet. The few financial donations they receive from time to time allow them to lead a semblance of life, even if sometimes they happen to have nothing to put in their mouths.

But the couple does not admit defeat so far. “Parfois, li mari difficile ! Mais Bondié conner ki li faire. Mo accepter céki li donne moi et mo pou continuer combatte,” says Mahmad, staring at the ceiling as contemplating the sky, asking the Creator to assist in his physical and mental suffering. He made an appeal to the authorities concerned to reconsider his position. “Mo paralysé. Mo pas kapave travay. Mo madame bizin occupe moi couma ène zenfant. Kouma nou pou vivre ? Mo dire à banne l’autorité éna un peu pitié pou nou !

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