[Local News] WARNING! Pork Gelatin In Sweets And Chocolates

According to a British online newspaper The Independent.co.uk, a video report shows the manufacturing processes of these sweets and the use of gelatin pork. “How often are you found chomping on a handful of jelly sweets? We can pretty much guarantee it will be a lot less after watching this gross video.” We have watched the video and the industrial processes start when the bones, skin and cartilage of animals are boiled to make jelly.

Gelatin is a tasteless substance that is made by prolonged boiling of skin, cartilage and bones from animals, often pigs or cows. It is used in a range of products, including our favourite sweets, some vitamins, marshmallows, cheeses, yoghurts, soups, jelly and salad dressings, to stabilize and thicken ingredients.” These sweets are imported to be sold on the local market. Precautions should be taken appropriately especially with children who are fond of these confections and should be warned of these candies and gourmet jellies whose consumption is prohibited if they actually contain pork gelatin.

In shops and tobacconists, retail sales of these sweets do not allow the check of the ingredients used in their production. In supermarkets and hypermarkets, as the purchase is made by bag or in large quantity, it is advised to read all information provided on the packaging so as to be sure that what you buy is not going against your religious beliefs. We know that it is obligatory to indicate all ingredients used in the manufacture of foodstuffs on the labeling.

All sweets up for sale in Mauritius, whether manufactured locally or abroad, are not ‘haram’. Gelatin manufacturers in Europe are aware of the significant Muslim population in the world who meet special requirements when it comes to producing this jelly for the halal market. However, consumers are advised to verify the ingredients of the products purchased for their own consumption and vigilance is therefore required especially for children and adolescents who do not care too much about the materials used in the manufacture of their sweets.