Palma, Quatres Bornes: He Stabbed His Partner And Step Son For A Matter Of Money

A family dispute ended in bloodshed at Palma Road in Quatre Bornes in the early hours of Sunday. A 57 year old retired man stabbed his 56 year old partner and the son of the latter, aged 36, during a heated argument. The retired man was arrested.

They almost died. Zareena (*) and her son Vivek (*) were attacked with knives by Raj (*) during a family dispute in the early hours of Sunday. Alerted by the cries of Zareena and Vivek, volunteers came to rescue them. Seriously injured, the mother and her son were transported to Victoria Hospital in Candos. After undergoing surgery, the two victims were admitted. Their health condition is considered serious. The police have not yet recorded the statements of Zareena, 56, and her son, aged 36.

Police quickly got hold of the attacker and Raj told investigators that Zareena and Vivek quarreled with him concerning money. “À un moment donné, Vivek s’est mis à m’étrangler. Pour me défendre, je l’ai poignardé à l’estomac. Au même moment, Zareena s’est interposée et elle s’est blessée. Monn dir Vivek pa bizin servi violans me li pann ekoute. Monn zis defann mwa,” said the 57-year-old retired man to investigators. After giving his testimony, he was taken to the scene of the attack where police recovered the knife. The samples were taken.

After this exercise, Raj was brought before the Bail and Remand Port Louis court where a provisional charge of “assault with aggravating circumstances” was brought against him. Police have objected to his release on parole and he was taken back into police cell. On Monday, he was brought before the court of Rose Hill for his motion of release. The retired man will provide more details to the investigators on the attack.