[Breaking News] National Assembly: “Allé do boufon,” Launches Pravind Jugnauth To Paul Bérenger

Jugnauth went out of control at the National Assembly today while being interrogated by Paul Berenger on the acquisition of Apollo Bramwell by Omega Ark.

Not satisfied with the answers of the finance minister, the leader of the Opposition said in an indescribable hubbub that the Omega Ark affair resembles that of MedPoint. Furious, Pravind Jugnauth was then carried away and even launched disparaging remarks regarding Paul Bérenger. “Allé do boufon,” he said to Berenger.

The Private Notice Question today concerned the ‘deal’ between Omega Ark and government. The Finance Minister Pravind Jugnauth has made it clear that initially 12 companies were ready to take over Apollo Bramwell activities. However, the BDO accounting firm shortlisted three of them once the bids were over including Omega Ark, Lenmed Health Africa Ltd and CIEL Healthcare Ltd.

Pravind Jugnauth said Omega Ark agreed to pay Rs 650 million and an annual rental of $ 1.35 million for the resumption of activities of the Apollo Bramwell private hospital. “Omega Ark était le «preferred bidder,” said the Minister of Finance.
Paul Berenger, also called for a commission of inquiry on Omega Ark.