Petit Raffray: Sagar Sets Fire To His Father’s Room; Pornographic Films Being The Origin

At their umpteenth quarrel, 24 year old Sagar allegedly threatened his father to destroy his pornographic films. According to the 58 year old father, it is the young man who set fire to his room. However, his son denies the allegation arguing that the fire was started accidentally because of a cigarette.

Sagar, a resident of Petit-Raffray, is in trouble and was arrested by the police. He is suspected of having set fire to the bedroom of his father on Monday and have burned his belongings. The young man appeared in Pamplemousses court where a provisional charge of arson was lodged against him. The police objected to his release on parole and was renewed in police cell. The suspect was examined by a forensic doctor on Tuesday.

In flames
During his interrogation, Sagar has denied the charges against him. He explained that the fire was accidentally caused by a cigarette. The bedroom of his father was destroyed by fire in the early hours of Monday. The man and his wife were away from the house when the fire broke out and explained they were at their daughter’s place who lives nearby.

They were alerted by neighbors who have helped to contain the fire until the arrival of firefighters. The Goodlands police, detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division of Goodlands and Scene of Crime Officers were summoned to the scene.

Questioned by the police, the 58 year old father said he suspects his son Sagar to be the author of the fire. He added that he has the habit of quarreling with him for various reasons. He argued that in his last dispute, which took place the day before the fire, his son noticed his admiration for pornographic movies. The son threatened to burn his CDs.

The victim said that his clothes, mattress and other items were all devastated. The damage is estimated at Rs 100,000.

In a statement, the father accuses his son of bad company. “On ne peut pas lui parler. Il ne fait que s’énerver à chaque fois et il se dispute avec mon épouse et moi. C’est totalement faux. Je ne regardais pas de films obscènes et je n’ai pas ce genre de CD. Il veut faire la loi à la maison. Je ne peux plus rien faire sans qu’une dispute n’éclate,” says the fifties. He says he intends to begin the process of obtaining a Protection Order.

The investigation is conducted by the chief inspector Bundhoo, the inspector Gungah and his team from the post of Goodlands, under the supervision of the assistant police commissioner Domah, Divisional Commander of the Northern Division.