Solitude: 9 Year Old Girl Rushed To SSRN Hospital After Dog Bites

A 9 year old girl in Solitude has been hospitalized after she was mauled by a dog this afternoon August 31. The little girl suffered multiple bite wounds in the attack and family members had to drag the dog off her, according to source.

Dog Bite Child

“Mo tifi ti pe rentre lacaz depi so lecon et passe par gate devan kan ene lichien ataque li,” the mother Sabrina revealed.

Her mother does not know the owner of the dog which she believes is a stray one and the latter has tried to attack other people of the region in the past. “Authorite bizin pren action ramasse ban lichien errant dan nou lendroi. Ena bocou lichien errant sans maitre et ine deza attak lezot dimoune. Sa ene grand danger pou publique surtou ban zenfan,” the victim’s father added.

After the attack, the girl was rushed to the SSRN hospital as she was bleeding profoundly where she was treated. She needed stitches to cure the wounds and her health condition is now stable.

The parents of the little girl said they will call the concerned authority at the earliest tomorrow as they believe this is a serious matter. They say there are too many stray dogs in our country and can be a public danger to all.

Many people have been attacked by stray dogs including the woman who was mauled to death in India this year.