WARNING! Eid-ul-Adha: It Is Prohibited To Slaughter Infected Animals. Read Why!

It is not allowed to sacrifice an animal suffering from a disease whose symptoms are visible. With Eid-ul-Adha festival coming near, apprehension is high among those who will make the Ibrahim sacrifice. Is it permissible to sacrifice an infected animal including the bovine and goat population that are affected by FMD in Mauritius? The answer is NO.

An animal infected with FMD is an animal considered very sick and is a danger for the country and for man. So this is an animal with a major flaw in our context. The holy Prophet (pbuh) said: “It is not allowed to sacrifice these 4 animals for Eid ul Adhaa: (a) An animal that is blind (blind in one eye), (b) an animal whose illness is obvious, (c) an animal that limps and (d) an old animal that is lean without marrow. [Ibn Majah]. ”

This leads us to say that it is not permitted to slaughter a sick animal for Eid-u-Adhaa. You should rather sacrifice the best animal for Eid-ul-Adhaa and not the one with physical defects or who is ill. To identify a major flaw, simply analyze the physical disability of the animal.

The principle established about animal sacrifice is that a major fault disqualify them for Qurbani which is not the case for a minor fault (Inayah). FMD can, though rarely, infect humans. Hence the slaughter of these animals has been unauthorised by the authorities.

In addition, FMD weakens the feverish animal and makes it lose weight. Lawyers defended the killing of an animal which has lost weight because of the illness of scabies: “Pas de problème pour ces animaux qui ont la gale et qui sont gras, mais il n’est pas permis pour ceux affaiblis, parce que la gale affecte la chair” (Shami-Haskafi). So as soon as you found out that your animal is suffering from FMD alert the authorities concerned to take the necessary steps for the animal.